The PLANET is like a LOVER, it wants you to give and it wants you to take, so be generous, she’ll spoil you in return. These candles will too…as your purchase will benefit EkoMiko, a not-for-profit environmental foundation

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“I will caress your body with EARTH’s gifts…drip COCONUT WAX onto your silky skin, see it enriching your beauty with an unforgettable scent. Remember the first BOTTLE OF WINE we drank together? I will forever find a way to keep it ALIVE, now as a vessel for this clean, TRUTHFUL LIGHT, because true LOVE burns bright. I promise to bring you FLOWERS everyday, this box hides them. SEEDS of my commitment to you, to our PLANET, because without her, without you, there could never be US..”

Your purchase benefits the not-for-profit environmental foundation EkoMiko